So you want to be Physical therapist?

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Welcome to iPhysical Therapist!

Congratulation on your decision to enter the field of Physical therapy which has got very favorable job outlook for next many years to come irrespective of economic situation of United States Of America.

I am Ankur Desai from India, I am a physiotherapist. I am also one of like you who is interested in persuing Physical therapy career and all the research I have done for myself has turned into a website for all the people who are searching on net about this noble profession.

Wondering what can this website help you at best? Well, my website is a shared informational site particularly designed to assist the people in physical therapy. It exists with the aim of betterment of the physical therapy professionals.

So you want to be Physical therapy expert. May I ask you why?

Different people have different ambition in life and they chose different profession due to various reason like

  • Money
  • Security
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Stress levels etc.

I would say on all of the above criteria, selection of Physical therapy profession as a career fits properly.

As we have stated earlier different people chose different profession with different expectation.

Let us see being a Physical therapist is best option in different ways.

Why Should you be Physical Therapist?

1. Money: A therapist could make real good money. I have made a whole section on Physical Therapy salary for you guys to consider it because in this tough times making good money is so important in order to live happily and to do good for family and others.

2. Security: What if I can tell you that a career as Physical Therapist is most secure one and you do not have to worry about being always on the chopping block. So many people now a days are worried about their job security.

Every body says there is no secure jobs now a days but I would say a career in Health care is a best option and also if you could be a Physical Therapy professional then there is nothing better then that.

Having said that please keep in mind that it is not easy to be a Physical therapy professional.

3. Job Satisfaction: For some people money and security are not as important as job satisfaction. Some people have that kind of nature where they do not worry too much about money but they want to make a difference in peoples' lives by doing something constructive for them and by helping them.

Rehabilitating people to do their activities of daily living successfully and easily is motto of some people and for them there is no better profession to be in then Physical therapy.

4. Stress Levels: Another cool thing about being a Physical therapist is job stress. A survey on CNN Money ranked Physical therapy jobs as least stressful jobs among many different jobs across different industries and employment sectors.

Strange thing about it is that even some healthcare professional jobs are having enough stress like being a doctor or a nurse.

Some people have some other criteria but majority of people would fall under this criteria.

And if you have some other criteria please let me know by contacting me so I can mention it in my next blog post.

How to best use

For the sake of keeping the website well organized and most user friendly I have divided website into 5 main subcategories:

  • Physical therapy Schools
  • Physical Therapy Jobs
  • Physical Therapy Salary
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Physical Therapy Aide

Each subcategory is divided into each state wise information about Physical therapist profession.

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