Physical Therapy Schools in Texas

Physical therapy schools in Texas!

Why Texas?

May be because you belong to Texas or are considering about moving to Texas once you complete your education and want to settle down there.

What ever may be the reason but after going through this webpage I hope all your Physical therapist career related doubts will be solved.

To be a physical therapist you must attend a CAPTE accredited physical therapy schools in Texas.

First of all getting admission into a PT program is tough and also it would be more tough especially in a state where there is so much competition among students.

Let me tell you bit more about a profession of Physical Therapist in Texas.

physical therapy schools in texas

Employment Trends

As of 2008 there were 11000 Physical therapists in Texas and by year 2018 the no. of PTs in Texas will be 16,200.Overall in these 10 years the employment growth is going to be staggering 36%.

That means there will be more than 16,200 physical therapist working in the state of Texas to serve population of almost 26 million people which comes down to 1 physical therapist for every 1600 people.

Also you have to understand that demand for physical therapy services are always going to go up in next coming years due to so many different reasons including baby boomers, obesity, sedentary lifestyle etc etc.

Texas Physical Therapist Salary

Once you know enough about Physical therapy schools in Texas, you must also research about Physical therapist salary information.

Just to inform you people, overall physical therapist salary in USA is 78,300$ a year which is awesome salary for any person.

But in Texas it is 85,900$ a year which is almost 7,000$ more then average salary for physical therapist in country.

Hourly breakdown for this yearly salary is 42$.

Texas Physical Therapy Association

Texas Physical therapy association is a state body for physical therapists in state of Texas.It represents almost 12000 Physical therapist and many more PTA from state of Texas.

Their Vision statement- "Physical therapy will be directly accessible to all people in Texas as the profession of choice for movement and function."

Their Mission Statement- "The mission of the Texas Physical Therapy Association is to improve the health and well-being of people in Texas by advancing physical therapist practice."

To find out more about them please visit their website.

Accredited Physical therapist schools in Texas

A Capte (Commission on Accredition in Physical therapy education) accredited program means it has been approved by a body because it meets the all the requirements set by board.

Following is a list of accredited Physical therapy programs in Texas.

  1. Angelo State University
  2. Hardin-Simmons University
  3. Texas State University
  4. Texas Tech University
  5. Texas woman's University
  6. University of Texas- San Antonio
  7. University of Texas- Galvestone
  8. University of Texas- EL Paso
  9. University of Texas- Dallas
  10. US Army- Baylor University

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